After watching the show since it started, applying was something I always dreamt of doing. I sat in my A level art class at 17 years old, typed out my application, and sent it off with zero expectation. Within a few days, my mum phones me on my way home telling me to walk as fast as I can as Sky have just called regarding the show. 2 weeks later I am amidst my A level art final exam when I replace the classroom for the Wallace Collection. The whole experience was both overwhelming and surreal, seeing it all in the flesh as I had been for all the seasons prior. Meeting Tai Shan Scheirenburg -who inspired my final piece - was just amazing. Finding out I was going to be painting Stephen Graham was so exciting, as I was about to embark on my three year training at drama school in Liverpool that September. He offered words of advice about the industry, as well as constant reassurance throughout the day. Despite not progressing in the competition, I learnt a lot about myself and it is a day I will never forget. I hope once I have graduated I will be able to apply for the show again!


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